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SISU offers a variety os uniform decorations. View some of the options below!

Tackle-Twill is used in most professional level sports. Tackle-twill is a material which is heat sealed and sewn to the jersey. Tackle-twill decoration gives the team name and player numbers the most contrast or pop. Our tackle-twill uniforms will look great for many seasons. 

Sublimation is a process where ink is printed onto paper and then the ink is transferred to the fabric using high heat. Essentially, anything which can be printed onto paper can be transferred to a garment. Sublimation offers unlimited design options. A uniform can be fully sublimated or you can use sublimation to create unique panels or lettering designs.  

Screen print is a process where ink is squeezed through a screen and applied on top of the fabric. Screen print is a cost effective way to decorate a uniform when multiple colors are being used in the team name or logo. 

Heat Press is a vinyl film which is heat sealed to your jersey. It's typically the least expensive way to decorate a jersey. Heat press numbers are often used in combination with screen printed team names and logos 

Embroidery is an automated sewing process. Embroidery is typically used in combination with Tackle-Twill to create more detailed team names, logos and patches. Small embroidered team names are common on football uniforms.

Patch Embroidery is great way to include a detailed logo. Commonly used on the chest, sleeve or upper back of jerseys.