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Designed for the hitter who wants balance , control and power. The bat features an oversized bell knob that counter balances the bat. Made popular by Barry Bonds in his historic 73 home run season.

SISU Baseball

SISU Pro Baseball Bat Model 73

$ 119.95

Designed for the hitter who wants balance, control, and power. Made popular by Barry Bonds in his historical '73 home run season, this model features a flared knob that serves as a counterbalance and makes the bat swing feel much lighter than similar models of the same weight. This is the model we recommend for players making the switch from aluminum to wood. This is by far the best-balanced bat on the market and is loved by hitters of all stripes. Try one today you won't be disappointed.

Baseball Bat Wood Comparisons


Sugar or Rock Maple burst upon the scene in the late 90’s and gained fame quickly as Barry Bonds used a maple bat from SAM bat to hit his record 73 home runs. Maple is a very dense and hard and the ball jumps off the barrel of the bat, however this trait also makes it more brittle than both ash and yellow birch. Quality control over straightness of grain in the wood has improved this to some degree and it is a very popular choice for wood bats today.


White Ash has been the traditional choice in baseball bats for over 100 years and for good reason. Ash has the ability to flex and provides a “trampoline” effect as the baseball exits the bat. Ash also will not shatter and blow up like maple bats have a tendency to do. They will break like any bat of course and one downside is they tend to delaminate along the growth rings. Ash is still a very popular choice and there is a good supply of stock available.


Yellow Birch has quickly become a very popular choice for bats today and it combines the best of both worlds so to speak, of both ash and maple. Birch tends to be almost as hard as maple yet has some of the flex properties of ash allowing it to be a more durable bat overall. In addition birch will tend to become harder with repeated use as the pores in the wood close. Birch is also just a tad lighter in weight than maple and allows us to make the bigger barrel models and still get a -3 weight to length ratio. We think it is the best wood available today for baseball bats.

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